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Meet our tattooists

Our two resident tattoo artists are Liam Bee and Sami, both of whom have spent years honing and perfecting their skill with the needle. We also regularly have guest tattooists joining us at the Bee Tattooed studio here in Davenport, Stockport, each one bringing their own unique inspirations and graphic art styles to the table. 

Give us a call to book your session in, or to let us know what kind of work you are interested in having done. We will place you with the tattooist who we feel is best placed to meet your needs

Tattooists: Welcome
Liam face pic.jpg

Liam B

Liam’s work is denoted by his subtle use of black and grey shading and the incredible, visceral detail of his line work. Nevertheless, Liam enjoys imbuing his art with splashes of colour and he is a particularly skilled draughtsman, especially when it comes to the human form.

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Sami face picture.jpg


Sami is the quietest member of the team but don't let that fool you! She has been with us since 2013 and has been around the industry since she was 15. Her favourite style of tattooing is traditional in colour and a little bit of dot work - mandala pattern stuff.

Tattooists: Pro Gallery
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Tattooists: Works
becky bee tattooed stockport tattoo line work patchwork colour tattoos.jpg


Becky is the newest member of the team and under Liams tuition is becoming one of stockports best tattoo artists. Check out her work below.

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Stephen tattoo.jpg

Can’t speak highly enough of the team at Bee Tattooed great experience throughout my ink work and fantastic job from Liam 
Highly recommend to anyone thinking of getting some ink work done just go speak to the team and they will look after you 👏👏

Stephen Doherty

Tattooists: Testimonials

Tell us about the work you have in mind. Contact Bee Tattooed to book a session or make an enquiry: 07947 559044

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